Welcome to the offical Website of
Epic Blue Acres Siberian Husky Rescue
We are a rescue that loves the breed and wants to educated husky owners, lovers and potential owners about this magnificant breed

Puppy Adoption
Please Spay and Neuter  ...
we would like to be an empty rescue one day
Visit www.FriendsOfAniamls.org
for low cost Spay/Neuter Certificates
We also help find new homes for Alaskan Malamute, Samoyeds & Chinese Crested (hairless & Powder Puff)
June 7th (Saturday): Rescue Yard Sale & Open House
Location: 2011 Balmer Rd Ransomville,NY  14131 (@ our rescue)
Tons of yardsale treasures to intrest everyone, meet our adoptable dogs and tour our unique cage free pet resort
* No Pets Please*
October 25th (Saturday):  4th Annual Halloween Party
Location: 2011 Balmer Rd  Ransomville,NY  14131 (@ the rescue)
Time: 12-6pm
Huge Basket Raffle
Costume Contest for pets
Games for the kids & doggies
Group play in our Huge fenced yard (weather permitting)
Tours of our unique boarding facility
Lots of yummy halloween snacks for people & pets
*Pets Welcome*
June 22th (Sunday): Dog Days of Kenmore
Location: Mang Park in kenmore,NY
Time: 12-4pm
Dont miss the social event of the season for dogs and their people.
Visit their facebook page for tons more info: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/DogDaysWNY
or website http://www.dogdayswny.com/
* Well Behavied
leashed pets